HAC (HEALTH AND CULTURE) IS A PUBLIC BLOCKCHAIN service platform supported by health and culture as application values. The platform aims at making human beings physically and psychologically healthier through culture transmission, positive energy transmission, love transmission and harmonious society. The service direction of HAC mainly includes the following aspects:
1. Realize the digitization of global health and culture service value, and facilitate the optimal allocation of resources.
2. Promote the application of global blockchain technology in the health and culture industry, and improve user experience.
3. Improve the global health and culture service ecology, and achieve more service functions.
4. Expand the usage scenarios of digital assets, and make them widely used in the health and culture industry.

As a leader in professional financial service and strategy, Ivan has the experience in the trans-department and trans-assets operation in the capital market and nine years’ experience in futures trading, and has an insight into the financial technology. After receiving the MBA degree which was jointly awarded by the University of Hong Kong and London Business School, he has always been very active in the financial technology field in Hong Kong. He often gives speeches on financial technology, AI and trading for industrial activities and universities. Besides, he also serves as the tutor for a number of startup firms and for the scientific and technological hackathon and the training camp which are specially established for Hong Kong’s young entrepreneurs.
Ivan Brightly
Master of Engineering in University of Southern California. Senior Engineer of blockchain, with practical experience in blockchain, encryption algorithm, digital wallet, etc.; possessing more than 10 years of experience in designing and developing C/C++ program in Linux/windows environment; proficient in networking programming, POSIX multi-thread programming and STL programming based on Linux, able to write shell script and Makefile; once made speeches in many safety summits; having outstanding performance in operation and maintenance safety, data security, business security and risk control.
Evgeny Marchenkov

Julie Coin once worked for more than twenty years in E-Trade, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch and so on, during which she gathered rich experience in the strategy, transformation and operation of financial service industry. Before joining HAC, she once offered suggestions to blockchain and digital asset companies on growth strategy, construction and business expansion. She also served as the chief operation officer and the manager for technical organization transformation in E-Trade. Previously, she was the global chief operation officer in charge of wealth management and global investment solutions at Deutsche Bank. She got the bachelor and master’s degree from Rutgers University.