HAC Solution

Issuing time:2020-09-02 22:57

Blockchain is a kind of chain-type data structure formed by connecting data blocks in chronological order, and also an inalterable and unforgeable distributed ledger protected by cryptography. Objectively speaking, due to its features, the blockchain technology plays a decisive role in solving the trading mutual-trust problems, and can thoroughly solve various problems in the current health and culture market.

1. Decentralization: Based on the feature of decentralization, peer-to-peer transaction has been realized. Each transaction body, from user to Internet server, is a node in the blockchain. Nodes can trade with each other directly, instead of going through too many links. Information of each node, such as historical records and circulation information, is unalterable, so the credibility of transaction parties will be remarkably enhanced.

2. Safety: In the industrial chain, most data is separately recorded or stored in centralized ledgers by core enterprises or participating enterprises. When information on the ledger goes against their own interest, ledger information may be tampered or removed without permission. Unalterable data has greatly reduced information asymmetry, which causes the cost of credit investigation and the cost of communication between enterprises to be reduced accordingly. This application helps enterprises to build trust rapidly, and diversifies the risks to be taken by core enterprises.

3. Information transparency: On the blockchain, data and information are transparent and unalterable. Based on this feature, each node can trace data application even to its source. Hence, it is impossible for enterprises to make data fraud, and the users’ safety and privacy can be fully guaranteed, so the user experience can be greatly enhanced.

4. Smart contract: Under the blockchain-defined rules, every transaction body in the industry chain can use blockchain technology to automatically perform the smart contract, instead of wasting time in discerning true and false. This can significantly reduce the management cost and time cost. Besides, the automatic transaction between nodes will produce new business modes. Each node in the network can act as an independent business subject, and can share its own data and resource with other nodes at a very low cost, which will provide a great imaginary space for the establishment of new business model.

It can be seen from the above contents that owing to the features of decentralization, security, information transparency and smart contract, the blockchain technology can thoroughly solve the mutual trust problems among transaction bodies in different links. Worked out by underlying technology, this solution plays a decisive role in solving problems in the health and culture market at present.

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